Celeste Industries Gains Government Approval of Disinfectant to Fight COVID-19

Talbot County’s own Celeste Industries announced recently that its cleaning product, Sani-Cide EX3, has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to fight against COVID-19.

“We are proud to expand our product reach to serve the transportation and institutional markets, and hospital and emergency vehicle fleets,” said Hannelore Rittinger, business unit manager/general manager for Celeste.

Sani-Cide EX3 is a broad-spectrum, hard surface disinfectant/cleaner registered with the U.S. EPA. It’s traditionally used in the transportation industry but COVID-19 has brought an increased need to such products to other industries, including manufacturing, warehousing and maintenance facilities, hospitals, and emergency vehicles.

“Our team worked hard to quickly adjust to increasing demand for disinfectant and continue to meet the needs of our customers,” said Rittinger. “We are also proud to support our community with product donations during the pandemic.”

Celeste donated hand sanitizer and disinfectant to The Chesapeake Center serving those with disabilities, the Maryland Natural Resources Police Aviation Unit, local small businesses, post offices, and police, sheriff, and fire departments.